Expand Your Entertainment With Sunbrite Outdoor TVs


Enjoy The Big Game by The Pool, or Movies Under the Stars With All-Weather Video Monitors

Your automated home furnishes you with the luxury and convenience of multiroom audio, distributed video, tunable lighting controls, and more. These systems allow you to personalize and maximize the use of your home spaces. You can create ambiance, inspiration and add a sense of energy to your day. 

Extending your living to the outdoors is another benefit of an automated home. Having the ability to expand your comfort and enjoyment to the backyard opens a world of possibilities for entertaining friends and family. With a SunBrite outdoor TV installation, you can enjoy a movie under the stars or a barbeque with the big game.

To see how you can make your Austin, TX backyard an outdoor media space, read more below.

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Backyards have always played a central role in our celebrations, from marking family milestones to gathering the gang for the big game. These get-togethers bring us closer, strengthening bonds and growing friendships.

Extending your living spaces to the outside has many benefits. Stepping out exposes you to the serotonin-inducing sunlight, the clean air, and a sense of being free from the boundaries of your home’s walls. While the food may be tastier and the drinks more refreshing, you do not have to be disconnected. An outdoor TV installation and supporting smart technology can make it an even better experience.


Bringing audio and video to the outdoors involves more than simply running a few cables out and mounting a television in the middle of the yard. There are several factors to consider when installing equipment exposed to the elements for viewability, durability, safety.

The LED televisions from SunBriteTV are built specifically for use in outdoor settings. The company started in 2004 and offers models ranging from 32” to 75” to accommodate any environment you put them in. The models from SunBriteTV can produce images 3-6 times brighter with antiglare and heat-resistant screens.

The tempered UV-resistant glass and housing prevent fading, intrusion by insects, rain or snow, and humidity. The weatherproof connections and cables ensure you will have years of use without fear of shock or damage in temperatures ranging from -24 to 104 degrees. 


Your multiroom audio system creates a sense of energy and inspiration with its full-throated audiophile quality sound. Why not add this to your backyard experience? Watch movies with a sound similar to your home theater, or feel the roar of the game with outdoor speakers. Built to blend into your landscape or be mounted with the video monitor, outdoor speakers bring your viewing to the next level.


Want to find out more about how your backyard can be the perfect TV room any time of the year? Call us at (512) 590-0633 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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