What To Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Entertainment System


Ask yourselves these questions when selecting an outdoor audio-video system in Austin, TX

As summer approaches, we will be spending more time outside and under the sun. An outdoor audio video system will bring all of your favorite movies and TV shows outdoors. Enjoy a movie night under the stars, or blast your favorite party playlist by the pool. When you invest in high-quality entertainment technology, the possibilities are endless. But what do you need to consider when installing an audio-video system on your property? Keep reading to learn three questions you need to ask before buying an outdoor entertainment system in Austin, TX.

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Is this system weatherproof?

Outdoor entertainment systems must be able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Research the brand that you are considering for your project to ensure that its products are durable and weatherproof. An excellent outdoor speaker system should be able to survive several years of rain, wind, snow, dust, and other dangers without losing any quality of sound. An excellent outdoor speaker manufacturer will offer a warranty to show that they stand behind their products. You can also invest in a cover to place over your speakers for added protection, or you can mount them under an overhang to keep them from being fully exposed to the elements.

How high-quality is the sound?

The quality of sound should be the most critical factor you consider when selecting a system. Outdoor speakers must cover a larger area than traditional indoor speakers, which rely on the acoustics of an enclosed space to function. Consider how you will be using the speakers and the distance they will need to cover. Outdoor speakers also have to compete with other noises such as cars, barking dogs, wind, and nature. Make sure that you use the correct gauge of wire for your speakers to avoid the sound of static and other technical interference.

Will it blend in with my landscape design?

Bulky audio equipment can ruin the aesthetic of any outdoor space. There is no reason to sacrifice your landscape design for the sake of having music outside. Get the best of both worlds with a speaker system that effortlessly blends into the environment. Mount speakers flush to your walls, on your ceilings, or in the rafters for a discrete appearance with stellar sound. Select speakers that look like rocks to blend into your natural foliage or hang from your trees. To get strong lower frequencies, install subwoofers buried in the ground with just a small portion visible. There are many ways to hide your speakers, and a professional will help you find the method that works best for your space.

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