Expand Your Entertainment With Sunbrite Outdoor TVs


Enjoy The Big Game by The Pool, or Movies Under the Stars With All-Weather Video Monitors

Your automated home furnishes you with the luxury and convenience of multiroom audio, distributed video, tunable lighting controls, and more. These systems allow you to personalize and maximize the use of your home spaces. You can create ambiance, inspiration and add a sense of energy to your day. 

Extending your living to the outdoors is another benefit of an automated home. Having the ability to expand your comfort and enjoyment to the backyard opens a world of possibilities for entertaining friends and family. With a SunBrite outdoor TV installation, you can enjoy a movie under the stars or a barbeque with the big game.

To see how you can make your Austin, TX backyard an outdoor media space, read more below.

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Liven Up Your Backyard With an Outdoor Entertainment System


Enjoy the Big Games, Movies, and Music with Audio, Video and Lighting Designed to Withstand the Elements

There are few greater pleasures than the moments where family and friends come together in celebration. Whether you are gathering to watch the Superbowl, the latest movie, or just relaxing in the spa, enjoying it in the open air makes the food tastier and the drinks more satisfying.

An outdoor entertainment system creates the ultimate media center in your backyard; with superior sound, stunning video, and night-time ambiance. You do not have to leave the luxury and convenience of your smart home behind just because you are spending more time outdoors.

Are you ready to make your Austin, TX, backyard the favorite room of the house? Then continue reading to discover how. 

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The Secret Behind Great Acoustics in Your Backyard


Learn How Professionals Create the Ultimate in Outdoor Audio

We’ve all experienced it, a moment in time when the music engulfed us, taking us away from where we were to where the sounds led us. For many, this moment occurred in an intimate setting with professional musicians and sound engineers creating masterful outdoor audio in Austin, TX.

Others experienced this type of sound quality when they walked into a friend's backyard and were blown away. While it may not rival the Long Center, there's something almost magical about a backyard where the sound surrounds you, and the speakers are nowhere to be seen. So let's take a look at how our professional technicians at Bennet Technologies make that happen.  

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