The Secret Behind Great Acoustics in Your Backyard


Learn How Professionals Create the Ultimate in Outdoor Audio

We’ve all experienced it, a moment in time when the music engulfed us, taking us away from where we were to where the sounds led us. For many, this moment occurred in an intimate setting with professional musicians and sound engineers creating masterful outdoor audio in Austin, TX.

Others experienced this type of sound quality when they walked into a friend's backyard and were blown away. While it may not rival the Long Center, there's something almost magical about a backyard where the sound surrounds you, and the speakers are nowhere to be seen. So let's take a look at how our professional technicians at Bennet Technologies make that happen.  

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The Right Equipment

Creating the best acoustics requires the best speakers, but “best” in an outdoor area is very different from the “best” indoors. You need quality products that stand up to outdoor weather conditions, waterproof systems designed to withstand the sun, wind, rain, and dirt.

Technology in the audio-video space continues to evolve at an incredible rate, making it more important than ever for technicians and brands to stay up-to-date and trained on the latest industry trends and products. At Bennett Technologies, we've discovered two brands changing the game in outdoor audio: Episode and Triad.

Built from premium components, their all-weather landscape speakers deliver exceptional outdoor sound, covering greater areas with fewer speakers. Whereas traditional box-speakers result in unbalanced volume, these landscape speakers have a wide dispersion angle that avoids hot spots, resulting in a crystal clear tone and deep bass.

Speaking of deep bass, you'll need subwoofer speakers placed throughout the yard to deliver that deep rich and powerful audio. These can be buried underground or placed above ground, depending on your unique situation. One of these brands' best features is that they are scalable, suitable for backyards or entire residential estates. Homeowners can always start with exceptional sound in the patio area and later incorporate the system into the pool, gardens, and beyond.

The Right Location

One of the secrets to impeccable outdoor sound and even coverage is placing the right equipment in the right location. This means using multiple speakers spread out evenly through your backyard, forming a perimeter with most facing inward and toward the home. Installing speakers on exterior walls facing away from the home results in uneven sound and angry neighbors.

There is a certain art to speaker placement that avoids hot spots and dead zones. Every backyard is unique due to the landscape, structures, buildings, and other elements. A professional can analyze the area and create the perfect acoustics for each different space.

The Right Source

Linking your sound system to the right source results in an easy-to-use interface, which means a sound system is used every day compared to only on special occasions. To manage your outdoor audio system and use it to its fullest potential, you may want to consider a smart home automation system like Control4. Then, using a tablet, smartphone, or remote, you can access your streaming music services or digital music collection.

Are you ready to create an outdoor audio system that immerses you in sound? At Bennett Technologies, our passion, experience, and technical training ensure you receive the highest quality in both service and product. Call Bennett Technologies today to create the ultimate outdoor audio systems tomorrow.

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