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Control4 Features That Make Your Home More Intuitive


Find Out How These Smart Home Solutions Add Convenience And Luxury

Control4 smart home automation, one of the most innovative and popular control systems, focuses on making technology fit your lifestyle. The company starts with the idea that the system should not be the focus of your home but complement it.

Whether it is lighting that promotes wellness and balance or whole-home automation that anticipates the needs of your home and how you live in it, Control4 makes it yours. Beyond some better-known solutions, a few features make your home more intuitive and entertaining.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities these features can bring to your Austin, TX home? Read below to learn more.

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The Power of Your Voice

Voice control of devices has long been sought after, with the first practical unit being Bell Labs’ ‘Shoebox’ demonstrated in 1962. Control4 embraced the concept early on and now adds it to the automation of its over 14.000 partner devices.

The convenience of speaking to your home means that just about anyone can interact with it. Unlike some systems, the Control4 implementation uses commands that are natural and straightforward. There is no need for awkward preambles or technical jargon. Simply use your smart speaker’s wake word and the action you desire. For example, if you want to raise the temperature, just say ‘Alexa, set the bedroom temperature to 70 degrees.’

In many standard voice activation systems, you are limited to managing one device at a time. Now you can initiate multiple sequences or scenes throughout the house. Without lifting a finger, simply say ‘Alexa, good morning’ to have the motorized shades rise and turn on your favorite news channel.

Intuitive interfaces

A top priority for any interface is its ease of use; you should be able to pick up any touchscreen or remote and instantly understand it. Intuitive controls encourage the use and exploration of the functions and features of a system. The recently released OS3 enables faster navigation, fluid menus, and smoother gesture responses. It is more comfortable to read with more prominent touch areas and buttons, ensuring you access to the devices you want with fewer taps.

Sometimes the frictionless ease of touchscreens can be more distracting than helpful, like in a darkened home theater. The new WiFi-connected handheld Neeo remote provides just the right combination of tactile buttons and the flexibility of a touchscreen. Choose your favorite streaming platform from the favorites list, lower the lights, and find the play button without having to look down.

Take Control

A smart home furnishes you with the convenience and luxury of a house that not only fits but responds to your lifestyle. Control4 makes it easier to manage your whole home. Are you ready to make your home’s automation simple and intuitive?

We are a trusted Control4 Dealer in the Austin area. Schedule a free consultation with us by calling 512-590-0633 or by filling out our online contact form. We would love to hear from you!

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