How to Live Smarter with Control4 Home Automation


Discover the Ways Control4 Makes Your Smart Home Experiences Uniquely Your Own

Think of all the technology you rely on within your home: lighting, thermostats, TVs and speakers, surveillance cameras… The list goes on. Now imagine being able to control all these disparate devices together within a single application. That’s the power of Control4 home automation.

Control4 lets you operate your home in a simpler, more meaningful way. Because the perfect smart home will look different for everyone, Control4 offers impressive personalization and flexibility so you can enjoy smarter living precisely your way.

For a smart home solution that’s uniquely yours, consider a Control4 home automation system. Below are some key ways you can make the most of a Control4 system in your Lakeway, TX home.

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One-Touch Lighting and Shading

Create the perfect ambiance for every occasion with custom control of your home’s lighting and shading. When you do away with individual wall switches and replace them with curated keypads, you can illuminate multiple rooms at once or even the whole house. Take advantage of one-touch lighting scenes that set the mood for dinner, movie night, outdoor entertainment, and more. Likewise, upgrading to motorized shades allows you to manage natural light from a single controller. Incorporate shading control into your curated on-wall keypads, use the Control4 mobile app to access lights and shades in any room, or automate your lights and shades to adjust on their own throughout the day.

Limitless Home Entertainment

Control4 multi-room audio-video revolutionizes the way you enjoy your favorite entertainment at home. Not only do you have instant access to popular streaming services across any connected TV and speaker, but Control4 supports 4K video and high-resolution audio for discerning media enthusiasts. Watching a movie in your home theater but want to move to the patio? Just press pause and then resume once you’re outdoors. It’s that simple. Access your private media libraries and stream your favorite songs in any room you choose. Control is effortless from the Control4 app or the handheld Neeo Remote.

24/7 Access to Locks, Cameras and More

You’ll never be out of reach while you’re away with Control4 smart home security. Enjoy remote access management of all your vital smart home devices, such as locks, cameras, alarms, and even your garage door. Whether you’re away on vacation or down the road at a neighbor’s house, just open the Control4 app and check in on your home. Forgot to lock the door? You can quickly secure and arm your home using the app. Control4 will also send you real-time alerts for events like water leaks, broken windows, and movement in your front yard. You’ll always be in the know with smart security at your fingertips.

Plus, Customer Care You Deserve

Control4 isn’t a plug-and-play solution. For an intuitive, personalized, and robust smart home system, you’ll need to partner with a certified Control4 dealer like Bennett Technologies to make it happen. Our team is committed to providing tailored smart home solutions for our clients throughout the greater Austin area. During every phase of the project, we focus on our clients’ needs and expectations for design, installation, and ongoing service.

Once the installation is complete, our staff will stick around to show you how to use it so that you and your family feel completely comfortable with it before we leave. Plus, we also offer 24/7 remote monitoring of your network and connected devices to ensure your smart home is always running the way it should.


We love installing Control4 home automation systems that are not only easy to use but enjoyable to own. Let’s create your dream smart home together! Schedule a free consultation with us by calling 512-590-0633 or by filling out our online contact form.

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