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How a Control4 Dealer Delivers an Elevated Lifestyle

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Experience the Comfort and Convenience of Completely Connected Living

Smart home technology has revolutionized how we interact with our homes, from motorized shades to whole-home audio and security systems to lighting. And while smart home tech is meant to streamline home life, managing all those devices can sometimes be inconvenient. So if you’re experiencing this in your Tarrytown, TX home, it may be time to contact your local Control4 dealer

Control4 is a premium home automation system that integrates all your tech to make it easier to manage and create a more luxurious homelife. Keep reading to see how installing a Control4 system in your home can make your home life more comfortable and convenient.

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Control All Technology from One Platform

Switching between devices and individual controllers for your different smart home tech is a thing of the past. With Control4, you can control your entire home from one dashboard. The home automation system allows you to play music through your home audio system, open your shades, and lock your front door, all within seconds - with the tap of an icon. Control 4 also integrates with thousands of third-party brands, so no matter what devices you have in your home, Control4 works with them seamlessly.

Set Your Preferences

Control4 truly allows you to make your smart home your own. On the home screen of your tablet, you can set shortcuts to your favorite setting. Is there a specific way you like your shades and lights to be in the morning? Create a shortcut, so they automatically adjust to your preferred setting at the tap of an icon. Or, if there’s a playlist you like to listen to as you wind down for the evening, you can create a shortcut, so it starts playing the moment you touch the icon. Plus, you can make these shortcuts per room for increased customization.

4Sight Security & Control

4Sight by Control4 allows you to control your home even when you’re away. It will alert you to your home’s activity, such as when someone leaves or enters your home. It also gives you remote access and control over your security cameras, doorbells, locks, lights, and more. For example, if someone rings your video doorbell, you can connect and speak with them right from your phone. Then, choose whether to unlock the door for them or secure your home. 

See the Status of Your Home at a Glance

No more questioning if you locked the front door or left the shades open upstairs. With the Control4 platform, you can check the status of your locks, garage door, shades, lights, and more right from the dashboard. So if your front door is unlocked, it will display an unlocked symbol. Similarly, if it’s closed, it’ll show a locked symbol. The same goes for shades, lights, and garage doors, showing open and closed icons for each. So don’t run to the front door to check if it’s locked. Instead, glance at your Control4 dashboard, and lock or unlock it right there. 

Once you add Control4 to your home, you’ll never look back. Take advantage of the luxury of whole home automation today by contacting Bennett Technology, your local Control4 dealer in Tarrytown, TX. 

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