A woman uses a wall touchscreen tablet’s interface to manage her Control4 smart home system


Don’t let a smart home installation overwhelm you! When you work with a trusted Control4 dealer like Bennett Technologies, you can rest assured that your Austin, TX, home’s entire project will run smoothly from start to finish.

Want to learn more about our top-tier services and solutions? Keep reading below to work with our team of professionals today.

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A Control4 Dealer Makes Your Home More Intuitive

a Control4 touchscreen panel mounted on the wall streaming a song

Professional Integrators Combine Luxury and Convenience for a Better Home Experience

A home automation system like Control4 can handle all your tedious home upkeep tasks, allowing you to simply sit back and relax. It isn’t only about having a luxury brand, though—how and by whom it is installed matters just as much. 

Control4 is more than a solution—it facilitates a home ecosystem centered around your routine and preferences. And who could better implement it than a Control4 dealer? Professional integrators ensure all automation technology complements your home flawlessly, allowing you to unlock a better at-home experience. 

Read on to discover how a certified Control4 dealer can make your home in Austin, Barton Hills, Tarrytown, Spanish Oaks, Steiner Ranch, Lakeway, or West Lake, TX, more intuitive. 

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3 Reasons To Work With A Control4 Dealer For Your Smart Home Installation


Automate your lighting control, motorized shades, and more with a Control4 system

Life gets busy, but when you install a Control4 system into your home, you can automate processes that take up your time. Enjoy a system that is tailor-fit to your family’s lifestyle and uniquely programmed to your family’s needs. Consolidate control of all of your home’s technology onto a single screen, and ensure that your lights are on, the motorized shades are open, your climate is at the correct temperature, and more. Read on to learn three reasons that you should work with a Control4 dealer for your lighting control and smart home installation in Austin, TX.

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3 Life-Changing Smart Tech Features for the Elderly and Disabled


Gain Newfound Independence with Assistive Smart Home Technology

Though smart home solutions may seem like a luxury, they can be genuinely transformative for those with limited mobility. Many technology innovations that are taken for granted—or even disregarded as unnecessary—are vital tools for those who struggle with daily tasks. Separate assistive tech makes people feel alienated while standard smart technology tools offer a more inclusive lifestyle.

Even something as simple as blinds controlled from a remote or an automated door entry solution allows the elderly to age peacefully and those with disabilities to take control of their lives. As Control4 dealers, we’ve been able to use our experience with smart technology to bring innovative tools to residents throughout Austin, TX.

Here are some ways a Control4 smart home creates a better living environment for our clients:

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