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Handy Tips & Ideas for Your Lighting Control System

A lighting control wall keypad in a house.

Make the Most of Smart Lighting 

Are you tired of fumbling around in the dark trying to find the light switch? Or perhaps you're looking to create the perfect ambiance in your home with just the touch of a button. 

Whatever your lighting needs are, a lighting control system like Lutron or Control4 can revolutionize how you interact with lights in your Austin, TX, home. Let’s explore how you can transform your space with a customized lighting control system.

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Lighting Scenes to Try 

One of the most exciting features of a lighting control system is the ability to create lighting scenes. Lighting scenes allow you to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion or mood, activated with a single tap of a button or command. Try the following ideas: 

  • Movie Night: Create a cozy atmosphere in your home theater by dimming the lights and turning on a soft accent light behind the TV.
  • Dinner Party: Instantly set the mood for an elegant dinner party by dimming the lights in the dining room and adding warm, indirect lighting.
  • Good Morning: Wake up gently with an automated scene that gradually increases the brightness in your bedroom and raises motorized shades. 
  • Goodnight: Prepare your home for a restful night's sleep by turning off all the lights with a single button press.

Automate to Your Lifestyle 

Lighting control systems can also automate lights based on time, occupancy, or other triggers. For example, you can set your lights to automatically turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you leave. Lutron’s premium lighting fixtures Ketra and Ivalo gently fade on and off, so it never feels abrupt. 

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Is Control4 the Home Automation System For You?

Control4 makes automation accessible through a tablet or other device.

Get Centralized Control Tailored to Your Needs With Control4

Homeowners today want to streamline and simplify their lives, and they turn to technology to do this. With a wide variety of smart devices to choose from, there is no shortage of opportunities to automate daily tasks. But, the idea of managing them all individually can be a little overwhelming. This is why we love Control4, the centralized home automation system designed to bring your smart devices together for easy management.

Continue reading to learn more about the Control4 home automation system and how it can be adjusted to elevate and match your lifestyle in Dripping Springs, TX.

How a Control4 Dealer Delivers an Elevated Lifestyle

Control4 dashboard sitting on a kitchen counter.

Experience the Comfort and Convenience of Completely Connected Living

Smart home technology has revolutionized how we interact with our homes, from motorized shades to whole-home audio and security systems to lighting. And while smart home tech is meant to streamline home life, managing all those devices can sometimes be inconvenient. So if you’re experiencing this in your Tarrytown, TX home, it may be time to contact your local Control4 dealer

Control4 is a premium home automation system that integrates all your tech to make it easier to manage and create a more luxurious homelife. Keep reading to see how installing a Control4 system in your home can make your home life more comfortable and convenient.

Ready For A Home Automation System? Here's Why You Should Work With Professionals


Add A Level Of Comfort With A Seamlessly Integrated Home Automation System

Smart devices and technologies are slowly but steadily becoming the standard in modern homes. With applications ranging from home theater to surveillance systems, the sky's the limit when it comes to integrating modern tech in your homes. Upgrades to your house in Austin, TX, may take a long time and a lot of effort, so you might want to consider working with specialists from a home automation firm to help you through the process. If you're not sure whether you need a specialist to update your home's technology and systems, we've put together a list of reasons to help you decide.

How a Home Automation System Helps Bring Joy to the Holidays


Control4 Smart Homes Offer Holiday Entertainment, Lighting, and Security

Are you ready for the fast-approaching holidays? If not, you’ll be happy to know you’re not alone. One study found that over 50% of Americans tend to wait until the last minute to purchase their holiday gifts, and almost 40% went so far as to buy one on Christmas day.

Feel better? No? Then, this should help. A home automation system can help you get through the holidays and make this one of the best seasons yet. Let's see what Control4 automation can do for your home in Tarrytown, TX.

2 Reasons to Use a Control4 System During the Holiday Season


A Home Automation Setup Makes Life at Home Simpler

The holiday season is here, and that means hanging out at your home, relaxing and enjoying movies, sports, and other entertainment, as well as lots of good food. While you are spending time at your home this holiday season you can make your life simpler and more enjoyable by installing a Control4 system for your home automation needs.

Motorized blinds, smart lighting, smart garage doors, and music and movies playing throughout your house can all easily be manipulated through a Control4 system. As time goes on more and more appliances and devices are compatible with Control4, making it the ideal home automation system.

Our clients in Austin, TX, know the importance of working with seasoned professionals when it comes to a home automation system. At Bennett Technologies, we are more than just installers: we are your home automation consultants that take pride in our excellent customer service.

How to Live Smarter with Control4 Home Automation


Discover the Ways Control4 Makes Your Smart Home Experiences Uniquely Your Own

Think of all the technology you rely on within your home: lighting, thermostats, TVs and speakers, surveillance cameras… The list goes on. Now imagine being able to control all these disparate devices together within a single application. That’s the power of Control4 home automation.

Control4 lets you operate your home in a simpler, more meaningful way. Because the perfect smart home will look different for everyone, Control4 offers impressive personalization and flexibility so you can enjoy smarter living precisely your way.

For a smart home solution that’s uniquely yours, consider a Control4 home automation system. Below are some key ways you can make the most of a Control4 system in your Lakeway, TX home.

What Does the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment System Look Like?


Let’s Create Your Ideal Outdoor Oasis Complete with These Unbeatable Features

Itching for some fresh air and change of scenery? You don’t have to go far when you have your own entertainment oasis in your backyard. Enjoy movie nights under the stars, swim to the beat of your favorite summer songs, and binge your latest Netflix series while you grill or garden.

As an esteemed outdoor audio-video and technology installer for homeowners in West Lake Hills, TX, we’d love to create your dream outdoor entertainment system. Though every project we undertake is designed to meet our clients’ unique needs, we believe no system is complete unless it offers the following features. Read on to discover what the perfect outdoor entertainment system can look like when you team up with Bennett Technologies.

Music Enthusiast? Discover the Magic of Whole-Home Audio


Play Your Favorite Songs Anywhere and Everywhere at the Touch of a Button

Music plays a significant role in our lives. As a music enthusiast, you likely turn to your favorite songs for improved focus, a boost of energy, relaxation, and entertainment. In fact, studies show that families who listen to music together experience less stress and better relationships—a powerful antidote in challenging times.

Any music enthusiast should consider investing in a whole-home audio system. A whole-home audio system from Control4 gives you the flexibility to pipe any music you desire all over your house in just a couple of button taps. Better yet, when paired with high-fidelity speakers like those offered by Triad, you’ll enjoy unparalleled sound quality, too

Keep reading to learn how Control4 whole-home audio and Triad speakers can create the ultimate soundscape throughout your Cedar Park, TX home.


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