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Control4 Systems Are Built On Home Automation That Is Personalized To How You Live

Home automation is about the luxury of convenience, enhancing your home and lifestyle with automated tasks and personalization. The modern home requires a platform that connects devices and has them work in concert, acting and reacting for the benefit of the whole home.

With a Control4 smart home system, you invest in a comprehensive ecosystem rather than a simple collection of devices. The automated home adapts to your lifestyle, personalizing every moment.

Are you curious about what more a Control4 home automation system can do for your Austin, TX home? Read more below to find out.


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Maximum Control, Minimal Technology

Control4 is one of the most popular brands among smart home automation companies, consistently ranking at the top. The company has gained a solid reputation with integrators and homeowners for its reliability, ease of installation, user controls and personalization. 

Modern home control is more streamlined, with sleek flush mount interfaces designed to complement your home’s decor. You can do more with less by minimizing the control surfaces’ visual impact, letting your home’s architecture stand out uncluttered. Expand your control with mobile apps and remotes that all use the same intuitive interfaces. Dispense with buttons altogether by using the power of your voice. Using simple commands to start a movie, lower the lights, or start the jacuzzi.

Tunable Lightning

Lighting has a significant impact on how we perceive a room, our emotional state, and general well-being. Control4’s human-centric lighting brings balance to your circadian cycles, making home illumination more than utilitarian. Make the most of natural daylight while having the power to set a mood, accent the decor, and bring the outdoor space to life.

Rise in the morning to the glow of soft lighting as your shades lift to let the early daylight into your bedroom. As the day ends, your lights transition to warm, less intense illumination and the temperature is set just as you like it for sleep.

Music Where You Want It

Music inspires, energizes, and fuels our passions.  Multiroom audio brings audiophile quality to any room or the whole house at the touch of a button. Add music to your dinner prep, surround yourself with calming music during yoga, or add some kick to the backyard barbeque. The onscreen sessions tab allows you to add and remove rooms and adjust the volume of individual rooms or groups.

Stream high-definition FLAC files and now MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) format from platforms like TIDAL or your curated files. With the new OS3 upgrade, you will always know what is playing in each room, complete with artist, song, file quality, and album art.

Automation That Fits You

Home automation should fit your needs, not force you to conform to them. From the beginning, Control4 has seen the need for homeowners to make changes to how their home operates.

Once your system is commissioned, you gain access to the personalization 4sight portal. The platform gives you the tools to add new sequences, change lighting presets, and add backgrounds to your interfaces. You never have to worry about calling a programmer or affecting the core program; make the smart home yours.

A Control4 home automation system creates luxury and convenience. Do you want to learn more about how Bennett Technologies can make your smart home dreams come to life?

We are a trusted Control4 Dealer in the Austin area willing to work with you on all of your smart technology needs. Schedule a free consultation with us by calling 512-590-0633 or by filling out our online contact form. We would love to hear from you!

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