Creating the Perfect Atmosphere This Season with Lighting Controls


Perfect Lighting is a Snap with Lutron Lighting Solutions

Snow may not be in the forecast for Austin, but cooler temperatures mean more time indoors this holiday season. And you can tell Austinites love a good indoor ambiance in winter because firewood sells out the minute a cold spell is forecasted. But while a fire creates a pleasant atmosphere in our family rooms, we depend on our lighting control systems to make the kind of illumination we need to function in our homes when the sun has already gone down.

Integrating home lighting automation solutions from Lutron with a Control4 automation system can do just that. One of the reasons we bring these two smart home stalwarts together in our installations is the ability to create scenes. These scenes contain your go-to lighting settings for date night, holiday lighting and more so you can pull them up with a simple button press.


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The Perfect Lighting for a Date Night In

It's your first anniversary together, and you want everything to be perfect. You've set the table and bought her favorite flowers. You even managed not to burn the chicken. You pour the wine as you hear the door open. You smile as you take one last glance at the set up as you open your smartphone to dim the lighting and lower the shades from your touchscreen.

It's as easy as that to create a romantic ambiance from your smart home control system from Control4 with Lutron lighting. Play around with the color temperature and intensity that best fosters that romantic atmosphere and save it into your system. Then pull up the ideal atmosphere the second you’re ready to kick off date night.

The Ultimate Holiday Ambience with Lighting Controls

Nothing gets us more in the holiday spirit than driving around Westlake and Tarrytown to look at all the holiday light displays. This is the time of year when lighting takes center stage inside and outside our homes as we string lights across our yards, on Christmas trees, and in windows.

With all that extra lighting, having sophisticated lighting controls like the ones from Lutron lighting make it simple to automate the essential lighting in your home during the holiday months.

This is when those lighting scenes can take on a live of their own! Get the lights in your outdoor decorations to synch to Jingle Bells and kick off both the lighting and outdoor audio simultaneously through one single “Holiday Cheer” scene on your Control4 interface.

Subtle Daylighting that is Also Energy Efficient

Natural lighting has health benefits that are both physical and mental. Windows let in all that mood-boosting natural sunlight as well as light our spaces. But an added benefit of daylighting can be seen on your monthly energy bill as well. Homes with enhanced natural lighting tend to need less artificial lighting.

Of course, even with all our sun here in Austin, the days are getting shorter, which is why having programmable shading and lighting controls can easily transition your home from natural daytime light to a soft glow to illuminate your evening. Set a ‘Wind Down” scene that closes the shades and sets your lighting to a warm hue, so you don't have to think about adjusting from daytime activities to nighttime relaxation. Instead, the transition happens seamlessly.

Elevate your home's lighting this season with automated lighting and shade controls. To learn more about installing Lutron lighting with your Control4 home automation system, contact our experts on our contact page or give us a call at 512-590-0633.

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