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Structured Wiring Is the Backbone of Home Automation Systems

A panel with many green wires coming out of it

Hiring an Expert to Help with Yours Always Works Best

Automating your home’s security, lighting, home network, and AV system may sound relatively easy until you try installing them yourself. It’s not a matter of connecting a few Wi-Fi devices but a lot more complicated. From in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to displays, keypads, and lighting design, there is more to it than meets the eye.

At Bennett Technologies, we know structured wiring lays the foundations of every technology system - from your home network and smart lights to your surveillance cameras. We also know how to ensure seamless integration of multiple components to create an automated, intuitive experience. 

If you are looking into luxury home automation solutions in Austin, TX, there is no substitute for hiring an expert. Here are the top reasons why! 

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