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Smart lighting and climate control will reduce your energy bills in Austin, TX

Homeowners in Austin are always looking for ways to reduce their monthly electricity bills. As the weather warms up for Spring and we are spending most of our time at home, we will be using our air conditioner more than ever. One way to make your technology more efficient is to utilize smart technology to monitor your lighting usage and climate control system. A Control4 smart home makes it easy to do this from a centralized, intuitive interface. Read on to learn how a smart home installation from Bennett Technologies will help you to save energy in your Austin home.

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Smart Lighting

Have you ever gotten home and realized that your children forgot to turn off the lights before they left for school? When the lights are on all day, and no one is home, you waste both energy and money on your electric bills. A Control4 smart home installation makes it easy to manage your lights, whether you are home or away. 

Check to see if the lights are off when you get to work and, if they are still on, shut them off with a single tap of a button on your Control4 app. Or, if you want to leave the responsibility to your smart technology, you can schedule your lights to turn off automatically fifteen minutes after you leave for work. Motion sensors will tell your home automation system to turn off the lights after no movement for a set amount of time, further automating your energy-savings.

Climate Control

A significant portion of your electricity bill goes toward running your HVAC system. It is vital that you feel comfortable in your home, but what if you could maintain the perfect temperature without using a large amount of electricity? A smart climate control system makes it easy to monitor and maintain the temperature of your home. 

Schedule your smart thermostat to go into energy-saving mode fifteen minutes after you leave for work so that you do not waste money cooling an empty house, then schedule the AC to turn back on fifteen minutes before you get home, so you never feel too warm in your home.

Motorized shades further the energy-savings by blocking out the hot Texas sun. When the shades are open and sunlight streams in, it heats a room. Your smart thermostat will recognize this and will close the shades before turning on the air conditioner, lessening the amount your air conditioner needs to work to cool off your home. The opposite is also true on the rare occasions that you need to use your heater; instead of turning on the heater, it will open to let sunlight in to try and warm the room.

We are a trusted Control4 Dealer in the Austin area willing to work with you on all of your smart technology needs. Schedule a free consultation with us by calling 512-590-0633 or by filling out our online contact form. We would love to hear from you!

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