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Discover Your New Construction or Remodel Benefits from Proper Wiring and Hardware

The luxury and convenience of smart automation rely on a stable home network installation. Your entire personal ecosystem depends on it, from streaming audio and video to control of lighting and climate. Anything less than a professional implementation can cause you trouble down the line and cost more to fix afterward.

At Bennett Technologies, our certified system designers and integrators work with your architect and builder to get the proper infrastructure in at the beginning. Our systems furnish you with rugged and reliable connectivity that meets your needs today and into the future.

Are you curious about how we build a better home for your Austin, TX lifestyle? Keep reading below to find out more.

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Running hardwire cables is best to guarantee fast data throughput speeds with low latency and the highest security. While there have been some remarkable advances in WiFi transmission (see below), a properly designed and installed cable run provides the most robust content delivery over the long term.

We run the highest grade cable, using CAT6a to deliver a potential 10 Gbps per second. By implementing this infrastructure, you know that bandwidth speeds will not drop off after a run over 180 feet. Standard CAT6 drops off to 1Gbps, and CAT5e tops below this maximum. 

Better cables often mean thicker dimensions and, in turn, smaller bend radius (how much a cable can bend before becoming problematic). Our team works with you to ensure efficient and safe runs, avoiding potential issues before affecting stability. 


We live in a wireless world; WiFi has become so common that many younger individuals use the term to refer to any Internet connection. With the implementation of WiFi6, the gap in reliability and performance between hardwired and wireless networks is closing.

It used to be said of WiFi that it was the most convenient method for connecting, yet the most unreliable ever invented. Today’s advances have lessened this adage, but elements of it are still valid. Our experts identify locations in your home where wireless can work best and offer solutions when potential interference issues exist.  

Once installed, you can trust that the system will generate top-flight speeds while minimizing security threats and the RF noise of your neighbor’s networks.


The result is a home that can sustain multiple streams of 4K ultra-high-definition without a lag or the dreaded buffering messages. Now when you watch in your home theater or media room, you benefit from the network’s ability to deliver large-format content with multidimensional sound.  Online gaming runs smoother, minimizing issues with peak internet latency, giving you an advantage during multiplayer sessions.

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