Combining Home Automation and Landscape Lighting Creates Nights to Remember


How Layered Lighting Creates an Enchanted Evening In Your Backyard

With the hot days of August upon us, friends and family are taking to the pool and outdoor entertainment areas to cool down and enjoy a relaxing evening. Landscape home lighting control in West Lake Hills, TX, is transforming these evenings and environments into resort-like paradises. Let’s take a look at how this transformation unfolds.

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Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is one of the keys to turning everyday outdoor areas into beautiful and enchanting settings. Light placed in the top layer draws the eyes up toward the sky. Globes, pendants, recessed lighting, and even outdoor chandeliers and string lights are a few sources that bring light to the upper layer. For those looking for less light and more mystery, moonlighting can be achieved by placing light fixtures high in trees’ branches, creating a soft glow with shades and shadows on the ground.

Mid-range illumination can be found on tabletops, wall sconces, and fixtures that light up plants, sculptures, and water features. The low-level layer lighting is achieved by lighting paths and under steps and seats.

This type of layered lighting creates a sense of mystery. As compared to bright-lit yards with denuded shadows, this form of illumination reminds your family and guests of the secrets found in the night, like flittering fireflies, twinkling stars, and the magic of a full moon.  

Updating lighting infrastructure not only creates a scene worthy of the Enchanted Garden it also saves money.

Lutron Smart Landscape Lighting Solutions

At Bennett Technologies, we work with best-in-class, world-famous brands. One of these, Lutron, has provided lighting and shade solutions for prestigious buildings and landmarks across the globe. Almost a decade ago, Lutron was chosen to provide sustainable lighting control solutions for the Empire State Building. The retrofit reduced the building’s energy use by 65% and provided savings of up to 60%.

In addition to Lutron's incredible energy savings, its easy-to-use interface manages different lighting scenes and sensors that turn lights on and off based on motion. This feature helps keep your family and guests safe as pathways light up as soon as someone starts walking down them, guiding their way instead of stumbling around in the dark.

The Power of Control4 Home Automation and Lutron

When you link Lutron and Control4 smart home automation, one user-friendly interface controls all electrical components, including indoor and outdoor lighting, audio-video, security, temperature, shades, and more.

Pre-set scenes enable you to activate certain lights at certain levels and can be controlled with one touch on your tablet, smartphone, or touchpad. For instance, a “Welcome Home” scene turns on the lights that line the pathway to your front door as well as porch and foyer lights. A "Backyard Entertaining" scene lights the patio and pergola, as well as the pool, landscape, and walkway lighting. When connected to your smart home automation, that same button can turn on the whole home audio or just the outdoor music.

Some of the best news is that creating a beautiful backyard setting can also save energy and money. Through your home automation system, you can decide which lights should turn off and on at particular times during the morning and evening, and dimmers control the brightness level 24/7.

As leaders in design and innovation and certified Control4 Dealers, Bennett Technologies continues to transform homes and outdoor entertainment areas throughout West Lake Hills and surrounding Austin, Tx, neighborhoods. For a complimentary consultation, call Bennett Technologies today.

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