3 Innovative Ways to Elevate the Al Fresco Fun This Summer


Bring the Entertainment Outdoors with Weatherproof TVs, Landscape Audio & Smart Lighting Control

Austin is known for its great outdoors, whether within the city limits or in rural Texas Hill Country where Steiner Ranch is nestled amid Lake Austin and Lake Travis. Outdoor entertainment abounds here, which makes staying indoors that much more challenging during the health crisis—albeit necessary.

Though restrictions are loosening around the city, you may find yourself staying home more than usual this summer as precaution lingers. Why not take the fun to your backyard? Weatherproof TVs, immersive landscape audio, and intelligent control of exterior lights can transform your outdoor space into an outdoor entertainment oasis for the whole family. Explore these innovative solutions below!

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Weatherproof TVs

Whether you’re enjoying the pool or smoking some barbeque, no backyard entertainment is complete without a TV display for summer blockbuster movies or the latest Netflix TV series. But installing any TV outdoors won’t do. You need a display specifically designed to withstand the elements.

Consider selections from SunBriteTV, a leader in ultra-bright outdoor TV displays. SunBriteTV offers three models for fully shaded, partially shaded, or full-sun environments that withstand extreme temperatures, water, bugs, and debris for quality performance in any season. 

SunBriteTV full-shade and partial-shade models boast beautifully vivid 4K UHD and HDR technology while their full-sun model features HD picture. Display sizes range from 32 to 75 inches, providing you with the perfect fit for inside the patio, on the deck, in the outdoor kitchen, or by the pool. 

Landscape Audio

No matter how vast your backyard, strategically installed landscape speakers and subwoofers make it possible to enjoy high-fidelity sound from every corner of your outdoor spaces. Your favorite music will follow you everywhere you go thanks to evenly distributed satellites that blanket your backyard with rich, clear audio. No dropouts, muffled sound, or fluctuated volumes.

Landscape speakers are designed to ensure superior performance and reliability while withstanding the elements. They also cleverly camouflage with your gardens and foliage to stay out of sight. Our team will create a sound field that points the audio back to your house instead of out onto your waterfront or into adjoining properties so that your music doesn’t disappear or disturb neighbors.

Exterior Lighting Control

Your home’s exterior lighting spans far beyond helping you see after the sun goes down. Landscape lighting adds style and dimension to an otherwise bland exterior and can enhance the excitement of nighttime entertainment. Plus, with a smart lighting system, commanding your lights is effortless. 

Our team partners with Control4 and Lutron to offer homeowners an intuitive way to adjust and automate their exterior lights for various activities. Using a dedicated handheld remote, on-wall keypad, mobile app, or voice command, you can activate custom scenes that create the look you desire, whether it’s an ultra-bright exterior for parties or a subtle illuminance for an evening of solitude during sunset.

Control your bullet lights, downlights, path lights, and more with a single command, or automate them to power on and off on their own at certain times of the day. We can even integrate your pool and spa lights to adjust in tandem with your exterior lights, too. Smart lighting control makes commanding your dynamic landscape lighting design a breeze—from anywhere, at any time.


Extend your smart home luxuries to the outdoors and make it a summer to remember—even while you spend more time at home. Start planning your project today by contacting our technology professionals here! We look forward to assisting you.

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