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Liven Up Your Backyard With an Outdoor Entertainment System


Enjoy the Big Games, Movies, and Music with Audio, Video and Lighting Designed to Withstand the Elements

There are few greater pleasures than the moments where family and friends come together in celebration. Whether you are gathering to watch the Superbowl, the latest movie, or just relaxing in the spa, enjoying it in the open air makes the food tastier and the drinks more satisfying.

An outdoor entertainment system creates the ultimate media center in your backyard; with superior sound, stunning video, and night-time ambiance. You do not have to leave the luxury and convenience of your smart home behind just because you are spending more time outdoors.

Are you ready to make your Austin, TX, backyard the favorite room of the house? Then continue reading to discover how. 

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Watching video outdoors brings people together, sharing the experience of cheering on your team while lounging by the pool or at the deck bar. Getting video monitors outside entails specific challenges indoor monitors cannot handle. 

The average home 4K television may seem remarkably bright with stunning depth of field, but if any stray light comes across it, the image washes it out. You can control the amount of sun entering the room in your home theater by lowering the motorized shades. Regrettably, you cannot dim the sun on command while outside.

Outdoor TVs generate an image up to six times brighter, providing you with an ultra-high-definition video that stands out in full sun or shade. The housing and screen are UV resistant to prevent fading and warping on the hottest days while protecting against water and pest intrusions.


Audio makes everything better. Music makes the time in the pool more fun; it adds ambiance to your barbeque and keeps your guests energized through the night.

Our installations reproduce clear, crisp audio with distinct mid-ranges and low bass without resorting to excessive volume. The speakers fill your yard with a sound that disappears into the foliage, keeping the aesthetic of your landscaping pristine.

Stimulating Illumination

As night falls, exterior lighting adds more than a way to guide you along paths. Mixing practical use and theatrical techniques, you can create a stimulating atmosphere, generating a sense of wonder. The precisely placed illumination artfully defines your property’s boundaries, encouraging you and your guests to explore under the stars.

Lights help to set the mood and tone of an event. Add depth and texture to enhance the appeal and create defined spaces. Colors stimulate different responses, influencing perceptions. Start the evening with reds and yellows to stir excitement and energy. As the evening winds down, transition into blues and violets to generate a sense of calm and soothing.


The best part of outdoor entertaining is enjoying it with friends and family. Are you ready to bring your property to life, day or night? Call us at (512) 590-0633 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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