How a Home Automation System Helps Bring Joy to the Holidays


Control4 Smart Homes Offer Holiday Entertainment, Lighting, and Security

Are you ready for the fast-approaching holidays? If not, you’ll be happy to know you’re not alone. One study found that over 50% of Americans tend to wait until the last minute to purchase their holiday gifts, and almost 40% went so far as to buy one on Christmas day.

Feel better? No? Then, this should help. A home automation system can help you get through the holidays and make this one of the best seasons yet. Let's see what Control4 automation can do for your home in Tarrytown, TX.

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Smart Doorbells

Are you expecting some deliveries this season and have some concerns about porch pirates? According to a 2020 survey, 43% of respondents had a package stolen, and about 64% said it happened more than once.

The good news is that smart home automation can help keep your packages safe. You'll receive a notification when someone comes to the door and can view them through the surveillance camera while you speak to them through the two-way intercom. If they're delivering a package, you can remotely unlock the side gate so they can place it in a secure location.

Holiday Entertainment

Everyone has special music that reminds them of the holidays. Imagine hearing these tunes in high-performance audio echoing through your whole home and out into the yard. But what happens when one of the family members can’t take another rendition of Auld Lang Syne?

Our certified technicians will program different zones throughout your home so that everyone can play their music and movie choices simultaneously. From a tablet or smartphone, select your favorite streaming services like TIDAL, Pandora, or Napster and create your favorite holiday playlists.    

Pre-Set Scenes and Lighting

Lights and decorations always add to the festivities. However, today's lighting solutions take it to a whole new level. Control4's automated lighting offers lights in all the hues and intensities found in the visible light spectrum. So would you like to see your living room awash in subtle violet and teal tones, or highlight your fountains and landscape in reds and greens?

With one-touch control, you can choose your colors for every room and feature. We can also program pre-set scenes that set the lighting for different occasions—a golden candlelight glow for a gathering of friends and family for the holidays or a rainbow of colors for the kids.

A tap on the Holiday Party button on an in-wall keypad can dim the lights to the desired color, illuminate special holiday features, start playing your favorite holiday tunes, ignite the gas fireplace, and turn on a holiday show on the living room TV.

Gone for the Holidays

Burglars know that many homes will be vacant over the holidays. So they look for signs like lights that remain constant and homes with no activity. If you're one of the many families planning to be gone, you can use your home automation system to make it look like you’re still home.

We’ll program Mockupancy scenes that turn lights on and off at random intervals, open and close the blinds and shades, and play holiday tunes throughout the day and into the night.

While you're away, your home automation system can also send security alerts: when someone comes to the front door, if the humidity suddenly increases in your home, or if someone’s trying to enter through a window.

Environmentally Conscious

Of course, just because it's the season of good cheer and festive lights doesn't mean we forget the measures we take daily to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Motion sensors can tell when one of your family members or holiday guests enters and leave a room. There's no reason to keep the lights blazing and the model train running if no one’s there to see them. These sensors will turn off the electronics when everyone leaves a room and surprise your party guests by starting them up when they enter.

At Bennett Technologies, we pride ourselves on offering the latest customized technology solutions that provide our clients with an elegant, easy lifestyle. To learn more about home automation for the holidays or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bennet Technologies today.

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