Now more than ever, we are focusing on the home. With our need to spend more time within the confines of our houses, smart technology that can enhance our lifestyles has become critically important. Entertainment, especially movies, are a big part of distracting us from day-to-day concerns.

In response to this need, a major studio, Warner Brothers, has begun releasing first-run films to home streaming at the same time they are in theaters. While using a media room’s flat panel display and high-end audio to watch these films is doable, it lacks the ambiance and authentic sound and vision of a theater. The cinema experience is an important component to movie viewing, a place where we focus solely on the story unfolding before us on the screen.

A home theater installation brings the best elements of a movie house and makes it better. The systems installed can match and often exceed the quality of your local Austin, TX multiplex.

What does it take to bring a home theater to your home? Read on to learn more.

Building a top-quality home theater involves tying together several complex systems into a harmonious presentation. 


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A Room with a View

It all starts with the room, the one element that contains all the rest.  While not strictly a technical system, the space itself determines a great deal about how other parts work. Designed to provide isolation from the rest of the house, it also maximizes audio and video delivery. 

Combining acoustical panels and decor such as curtains and drapes allows us to moderate sound wave propagation issues. The high frequencies remain crisp, and the lows will rumble through you without causing distortion or dead spaces.  

The drapes and architecture also complement the projection video. The image appears brighter, cleaner by framing the screen with soft materials that blend the screen edges. Also, any light spillage from the projector or lighting is absorbed, reducing any glare that could lessen the image detail.

Lighting provides the final touch to the room, using Control4 smart switches and centralized control modules you can bring function and accent from the touch of a button, remote, or touch panel. Using the same hardware and intuitive Control4 interfaces that run your smart home, the lights are lowered automatically at the start or raised when the movie pauses.

Projection Perfection

The video is, of course, central to any home theater setup. The projector and screen work in conjunction to produce stunning images that draw you into the story. The best projectors enable you to watch movies in large screen format with exquisite detail, millions of pixels, and depth of field of 4K ultra-high-definition. 

Sony has been a part of home theaters since the beginning, and as such, they have an advanced understanding of what the home cinema experience requires. We have partnered with Sony, and their line of home cinema projectors fit for any budget.

The entire line includes eye-popping colors and extraordinary contrast levels with industry-leading High Dynamic Range (HDR). As a result, blacks are blacker and whites brighter, making the images stunningly detailed. Cinephiles appreciate the ability to display standard 4K and cinematic widescreen formats - you can switch between 16:9 and CinemaScope type vistas as needed.

Awe-Inspiring Audio

Sound is all around us; we take subtle, sometimes unconscious, cues from it. Sound directs our actions and responses to the world around us. Surround sound replicates this to further envelop the viewer into the action on the screen.

In order to create this hyper-realistic sound field, the sound system installed must be capable of crisp and clear audio. The pioneering Triad speakers are the top choice among installers for the last 30 years, built with the finest materials and components. These speakers are crafted individually to meet the sound and aesthetic needs of any project. You get immersive sound via Dolby Atmos And Auro 3D solutions that deliver precise sound.  

Transform the way you enjoy movies with a home theater installation for your home in Barton Hills, Tarrytown, or West Lake. Starting your project is easy. Just get in touch with our team at Bennett Technologies by calling (512) 590-0633 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to assisting you!

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