A Control4 Dealer Makes Your Home More Intuitive

a Control4 touchscreen panel mounted on the wall streaming a song

Professional Integrators Combine Luxury and Convenience for a Better Home Experience

A home automation system like Control4 can handle all your tedious home upkeep tasks, allowing you to simply sit back and relax. It isn’t only about having a luxury brand, though—how and by whom it is installed matters just as much. 

Control4 is more than a solution—it facilitates a home ecosystem centered around your routine and preferences. And who could better implement it than a Control4 dealer? Professional integrators ensure all automation technology complements your home flawlessly, allowing you to unlock a better at-home experience. 

Read on to discover how a certified Control4 dealer can make your home in Austin, Barton Hills, Tarrytown, Spanish Oaks, Steiner Ranch, Lakeway, or West Lake, TX, more intuitive. 

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A Convenient Interface of Your Choice 

If your home is already equipped with plenty of smart technology, you know that nothing is more inconvenient than using a separate remote or app to operate each device. Control4 home automation eliminates the need to maintain separate remotes or apps. Instead, you gain access to a centralized control hub that streamlines the operation of all devices. 

Whether you want to run the climate control system, adjust the shades, or operate the lights, everything can be executed with a single press of a button from the same remote, app, or touchscreen. Even voice control is an option with Control4. Forgot your phone on the kitchen counter? No worries—just speak to your home aloud that you want the lights to dim! 

Programmed to Revolve Around Your Routine

With a Control4 home automation system, all your existing smart technology is streamlined, and new smart devices can be added with ease. Integration doesn’t end there, though.

By programming Control4 so that all your home’s technology automatically runs around your routine, you can experience true luxury and convenience. 

Imagine waking up to natural light instead of an alarm clock with the shades rising autonomously in the morning. As you prepare breakfast, your favorite song starts streaming throughout the kitchen. Similarly, all technologies will adapt to your daily schedule, giving you total hands-free control over your home. 

Expert integrators can also program preset scenes that can be triggered with a press of a button. Whether you’re hosting a party, practicing your dance moves, or simply enjoying your time leisurely, a scene can be customized for every occasion. 

Maintenance, Support, and Upgrades

Partnering with a certified dealer means your home automation system will always stay up-to-date and maintained. And if you face any technical issues, they’ll always be there to assist with all problems right away.

Ready to work with a Control4 dealer? Bennett Technologies is here to help. Give us a call at (512) 590-0633 or fill out an easy online contact form to get started today. 

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