Why You Should Invest in A Home Audio-video System


Experience Audio And Video Like Never Before

With the increased focus on home automation, you can now control different applications and systems from a single access point, and nowhere is this more popular than in home entertainment environments. By installing a home audio-video system in your home, you can use a universal remote or a tablet to access your music, movies, and TV shows from any room in your home. Home entertainment is a big part of automation for your home in Austin, TX, and if you're thinking about working with an AV company to install your setup, we have some must-have features you should consider.

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Unlimited Access

Home audio-video systems can make it easier to access your media from any part of your home through your control option of choice—a universal remote, touchpad, mobile app or even voice assistant. This saves you from looking for multiple remotes to navigate your entertainment system and, as a result, can save you time when it comes to loading a movie or even playing a song.

Additionally, with a whole home system, it’s easy for you to pause your movie, go to another room, and simply press play to continue right where you left off. The system ties into your other smart technology to create the ideal viewing experience. For example, when sitting down to watch a movie you can adjust lighting, temperature and shades for the ultimate comfort.

Centralized Control

With traditional entertainment systems, it's easy for the setup to become extremely overwhelming as you are bound to have multiple devices, including streaming devices, DVD players, Blu-ray players, stereo systems, and other technology connected to each display or speaker. With a whole home audio video system, you’ll be able to broadcast one device (like a cable box or Blu-ray) to multiple end points. Meanwhile, these components stay hidden away from view in a dedicated AV closet. That means greater ease of use and less clutter throughout the home.

Outdoor Entertainment

When you combine centralized control and unlimited access, you get one additional perk from your home audio video installation—it’s not confined within your four walls. With the beautiful spring weather in Austin, TX, there’s no reason to be cooped up inside. As part of our installations, we create immersive entertainment spaces outdoors that have access to all the same movies, music and TV shows you enjoy in the bedroom or media room.

At Bennett Technologies, we're available to design the best audio-video system for your specific set of entertainment needs. To schedule a complimentary consultation or learn more about our home audio video solutions, give us a call, fill out our contact form, or chat with our customer service specialist below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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