Whole-Home AV Services Make Listening to Music A Breeze


Play your favorite tunes in every room of your home with just the tap of a button

Your home automation system adds convenience to your life, but it can do so much more than simplify control of your smart technology. Control4 home automation systems also double as an audio distribution system! Connect to various audio sources, including high-resolution music, without sacrificing convenience. Control4 makes it easy to enjoy all of your favorite music throughout your home with just a tap of a button. Discover four lesser-known ways to enjoy your whole home AV services in Austin, TX.

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Learn something new every day with a Control4 audio system! While most think of music when they think of whole home audio, you can also listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and your favorite radio stations. So, keep up with the latest news, listen to your favorite audiobooks, and tune in to your favorite podcasts no matter where you are in the house.

Wake Up

No one likes the obnoxious beeps of an alarm clock in the morning. While you can play a customized sound to wake up to on your smartphone, you can take it a step further with a whole-home audio system that plays music throughout your home to wake you and your family up. Your playlist of choice will follow you into the bathroom as you freshen up, to the kitchen as you start breakfast, and to your kid’s rooms as you make sure they have actually gotten out of bed. Stay awake as you get ready for work, and, when you are prepared to leave, easily turn off your audio system with just a tap or a voice command.


Sports fans love hosting viewing parties and events at their homes. As you or your guests enjoy the game, you might need to leave the living room or home theater to get another drink, use the bathroom, or talk with friends. While moving around the house, never miss a play by connecting your television audio to your whole home audio system. The game will follow you no matter where you are in your home, whether in the kitchen, patio, or bathroom. Enjoy the game without feeling restricted to one room!


Sleep is an important part of maintaining your health, but it can be difficult to maintain a regular sleeping schedule. Avoid waking up groggy by using ambient music to improve your sleep quality! First, play calming piano music or relaxing nature sounds in your bedroom and the kid's bedrooms to help you drift off to sleep. Then, schedule your system to turn off the music a few hours later or keep it playing until morning.

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