Distributed AV Services Add Convenience and Style To Your Home


Invest in a Control4 home automation system to streamline your home entertainment

Your home entertainment system is an integral part of any living space. Whether you are streaming 4K TV shows on Netflix, watching the latest blockbuster, or playing video games with friends, you use your television daily. Streamline control of your components with a system that centralizes them into one easy-to-use management device. Discover how distributed AV services will add convenience and style to your home in Austin, TX.

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Distributed AV Services

Traditional AV setups are costly and inconvenient. You need the corresponding components necessary to stream, game, and play Blu-ray discs in every room. If you only have one Blu-ray player and need to move rooms, you must unplug everything and connect it to the new TV. These one-to-one setups cause clutter and confine entertainment to one room. That's where a whole-home AV system comes in: it consolidates all of your components to a single location and distributes them to every room in the house. Everything is easily accessible from a single centralized interface.

Maintain the Beauty of Your Home

Are you a homeowner who values your interior design? There is no need to sacrifice your home's aesthetic for the sake of audio-video equipment. With whole-home AV, components are stored on a media rack and out of sight. The clutter and wires of a one-to-one setup are eliminated, leaving only your speakers and displays that can easily be concealed in your walls and ceiling. With just the tap of a button, your display will reveal itself from behind a panel or down from a motorized lift, and when you are done watching your movie, it will be cleverly concealed.

Control Made Simple

Control4 offers a variety of control methods for intuitive access and management. You can use the Control4 Neeo smart remote to manage and adjust all of your systems. Use both hard buttons and a sleek touchscreen to control the volume, pick a song, or change the playlist.

Voice control is another easy way to access your system. Speak a simple command to Amazon Alexa, Josh.ai, or any other standard voice control system to turn on Netflix or your favorite playlist. There are also a series of wall-mounted and tabletop touch screens for responsive, one-tap control. Finally, download the Control4 app on your smart device of choice for control at home and on the go!

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