Unlock Beauty, Comfort, and Convenience with a Lutron Dealer

a man sitting in a living room with glass windows

How Lutron and Bennett Technologies puts home lighting and shading in the palm of your hand

When looking for home technology solutions, what can be more convenient than finding all the latest technologies in one place? Instead of taking a piecemeal approach - purchasing smart light bulbs from one vendor, a video doorbell from another, and motorized shades from yet another seller - you get it all in one place. 

Bennett Technologies is the smart home solution for all your automation, lighting, and shading needs. Whether you need smart lighting, motorized window treatments, or centralized control of your entire home, we’ve got you covered. Not only are we a Control4 dealer, but we are a Lutron dealer as well. 

Read on to discover how our experts can help unlock comfort and convenience with Lutron technology at your home in Barton, Hills, Spanish Oaks, West Lake, or Tarrytown, TX. 

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3 Ways Lighting Design Can Elevate Your Home’s Ambiance

a modern kitchen with three different light settings

Let the pros design your home’s lighting system for ultimate ease and beauty

The real beauty of a lighting design lies in how it transforms the aesthetics and ambiance of a space. Besides illuminating your home, strategic integration of fixtures can dramatically change your home’s overall appearance by highlighting artwork, décor, and architectural features. 

A professionally designed lighting system consists of three categories: ambient, task, and accent lights. Read on to discover the top three ways a pro helps you elevate the ambiance of your home in Austin, Barton Hills, Tarrytown, and Westlake, TX, with lighting control. 

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Work with Our Team for Your Smart Home Installation

A bedroom with several smart home technologies, such as lighting control and automated window treatments, integrated throughout the room.

Entrust Your Project to a Professional Integrator

A smart home installation is meant to bring convenience, comfort, luxury, security, and more to your entire property and daily lifestyle. But experiencing these benefits requires a seamless integration of smart technologies across your Westlake, TX home. Our team at Bennett Technologies makes every project, big or small, run smoothly! Keep reading on below to learn more about our trusted services by reading on below.

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3 Types of Custom Window Treatments for Your Home

roller shades installed on a bedroom window

Elevate your lifestyle by choosing the best shading options for your home

Every luxury homeowner wants to spark their decor with custom window treatments. For the ultimate in comfort and style, they’ll look for motorized options that are easy to use. Researching which window treatments are the best fit may be difficult as you have a lot of things to consider along the way. 

It may come down to your priorities. There are people who first and foremost want shades that filter light and offer greater privacy. For others, the primary goal may be energy efficiency. Ultimately, they also need to be the ideal match for the home’s overall system. 

Lutron offers a wide range of shading options to make it easy to find the right fit. Read on to learn about their top three most popular models to choose the best one for your home in Travis County, Tarrytown, Barton Hills, or West Lake, TX.

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Structured Wiring Is the Backbone of Home Automation Systems

A panel with many green wires coming out of it

Hiring an Expert to Help with Yours Always Works Best

Automating your home’s security, lighting, home network, and AV system may sound relatively easy until you try installing them yourself. It’s not a matter of connecting a few Wi-Fi devices but a lot more complicated. From in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to displays, keypads, and lighting design, there is more to it than meets the eye.

At Bennett Technologies, we know structured wiring lays the foundations of every technology system - from your home network and smart lights to your surveillance cameras. We also know how to ensure seamless integration of multiple components to create an automated, intuitive experience. 

If you are looking into luxury home automation solutions in Austin, TX, there is no substitute for hiring an expert. Here are the top reasons why! 

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