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Enhance Every Day with Whole-Home Audio

A home with an open-floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows, and in-ceiling speakers.

Bring Music and Movies to Life No Matter Where You Roam

Consider how much you listen to music, tune into your favorite podcast, or kick back and enjoy the latest movie. Like many, much of your life may revolve around the music and media that enhance everyday living. 

A whole-home audio system takes these experiences to the next level. Throughout your home, you hear detailed, high-fidelity music. When it's movie night, you're immersed in the moment, surrounded by the action unfolding on the screen. High-performance music and audio follow you no matter which room you're in and even in your outdoor areas. 

Are you ready to experience sound in all its wonder? Let's explore the makings of a whole-home audio system for your West Lake Hills, TX, home.

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The Perfect Soundtrack

Imagine walking into your home at the day's end, greeted by your favorite song filling the air with stunning clarity. As you head to the kitchen and out onto the patio, it follows you. Gradually, the day's challenges drift away, replaced by the rhythm of your favorite tune. Such is the magic of these audio systems.

The audio for this experience comes from carefully installed high-performance in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that virtually disappear. In the outdoor areas, satellite speakers appear like landscape lights beneath trees and in foliage. All your audio equipment, from turntables to receivers and personal digital collections, is placed on a media rack in a closet and shared with the entire system. Now, you can play your vinyl by the pool.

Intuitive Controls for Every Family Member

Our AV experts at Bennett Technologies create separate zones, enabling everyone to listen to their chosen audio simultaneously. Whether watching their favorite series, listening to a playlist, or tuning into their latest audiobook, all the sound comes from your new system. 

On a high-resolution touchscreen, you select the audio source and the room you're in. When gathering around the dinner table, transform the occasion with soft jazz streaming through your home. These systems come equipped with today's streaming music services, letting you easily create playlists for the many activities that make up your days. 

Music That Moves You

We'll customize and program your system to deliver music at certain times or turn your podcast on daily so you never miss it. Wake up to your 'Good Morning' playlist. Open the door after work and hear your 'Relaxing' playlist. When having friends over for a backyard barbeque, tap the 'Outdoor Party' button, and your playlist streams through your outdoor areas. 

Integrated with Home Automation

When integrated with your home automation platform, every aspect of your home creates the perfect setting, from lighting to shades, climate, and security. Now, when you press 'Outdoor Party,' the landscape and patio lights illuminate, and the tiki torches and fire pit ignite. The doors unlock to welcome your guests, and your party playlist fills the air.

At Bennett Technologies, we bring cutting-edge technology to your home, designed to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. To learn more about whole-home audio systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bennett Technologies today. 

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