5 Different Ways to Control Your Whole-Home Audio

A hand holding a Control4 Halo remote.

Choose Your Music & Raise the Volume in Every Room of the House 

Music has the power to enhance every moment of the day, whether you’re making coffee before work or hosting friends for cocktails. When music is playing, it’s hard not to feel a little happier, carefree, and more spontaneous.  

And when you own a whole-home audio system, you can enjoy music in every room of the house—and outdoors, too! Control systems like Control4 are easy to access on your phone, but that’s not the only way to manage multi-room audio.  

Here are five ways to manage whole-home audio in your West Lake Hills, TX, home. 

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Phone App 

With the Control4 app downloaded on your phone, you can swiftly select audio zones, choose streaming services like Spotify or Tidal, and adjust the volume for the whole house. On the app, you can save your preferred settings and fine-tune the bass, treble, and EQ presets.  

Touchscreen Control Panel 

If you’d like to have a dedicated, reliable place to access your audio system, consider installing a touchscreen mounted on the wall or perched on a stand. It will always be there for you to choose playlists, albums, podcasts, or whatever you want to hear! 

Wall Keypads 

This is where custom AV gets extra fun. We install personalized wall keypads that directly connect to your whole-home audio system. Buttons like “rock” or “jazz” will start playing your favorite genre with a tap of a button.  

Handheld Remote 

If grabbing a remote feels more intuitive, Control4’s Halo remotes combine hard buttons with a touch screen so you can swiftly choose audio sources and send them to select speakers.  

Voice Control 

When you’re on the go and your phone is nowhere nearby, use your voice to say, “Alexa, play Abbey Road!” or “OK, Google, play music by Bruce Springsteen.” 

If you’d like to bring whole-home audio to your West Lake Hills area home, Bennett Technologies is your destination. Contact our team here to learn more about our AV installation services. We look forward to working with you! 

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