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The Connection Between a Smart Home and a Home Automation Company


The Perfect Environment Redefined

Today’s smart homes offer an incredibly luxurious lifestyle. They prepare the perfect environment, no matter the activity, from waking to working, relaxing, and entertaining. Press a button or state a voice command, and the lights, climate, shades, and entertainment respond. 

The trick to this level of smart home living is customization. After all, everyone has a different idea of what the “perfect environment” means. Some prefer to wake up to the morning sun streaming in as the shades open and the sound of mountain streams fills their home through the whole-home audio system. Others want to wake up to their favorite rock band and head to the heated home gym. 

The possibilities are nearly incomprehensible. 

That’s where the importance of a home automation company comes in. You want to work with a team of expert automation integrators that can customize your smart home so that every connected device performs precisely how you want it to. Through the myriad of tasks, moods, activities, and social gatherings, you want a home that creates your preferred environment. 

And that’s where Bennett Technologies comes in.

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The Interconnected Smart Home

At Bennett Technologies, we partner with Control4, the leader in home automation. This partnership allows for the ultimate customization and scalability. Why? Because Control4 integrates with tens of thousands of third-party devices. Our job is to find out the brands and devices you own and love, and the systems to integrate that will provide the best experience, the ‘Wow’ factor in smart home living.

These devices and systems connect to your centralized smart home operating system, enabling effortless control and allowing our team to program them to respond based on your command. Hosting an outdoor pool party with a luau theme? Press ‘Tropical Party.’ 

In response, your home and outdoor lighting change to turquoise and teal blues, emerald and seafoam greens, and sunny dandelion yellows. The firepit and tiki torches ignite, and Hawaiian music streams through your home and outdoor spaces in breathtaking clarity. 

This level of integration requires a home automation company committed to excellence. We don’t want you to simply enjoy your smart home. We want you to be awe-inspired. 

Concierge-Level Technology Support

Technology is constantly changing. Do you remember when 4K HDR TVs were the go-to for luxury homeowners and those wanting the best in home entertainment? Today, we have QLED, OLED, mini-LED, and many more. Who has time to stay abreast of the never-ending innovations? We do. In fact, we consider it one of our primary responsibilities. 

We’re also there to support you as your needs change or if you need fine-tuning in your home automation processes. We’re there for the long haul, helping you now and years down the road. 

Are you ready to embrace smart home living? To learn more about our home automation company and the process of creating a smart home, from consultation to design, engineering, and implementation, contact Bennett Technologies today.


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