Let Home Automation Shape Your Whole Day

A kitchen and dining area featuring several smart home lighting and automation.

Smart Technology Can Seamlessly Guide Your Daily Routine!

Are you looking to enhance your everyday lifestyle while spending time at home? Smart home technologies ease your daily routines and shape how you go about your day from the moment you wake up.

With smart home automation, you can elevate and personalize your living experience at just the tap of a button. Keep reading below to learn more about bringing these advanced solutions to your West Lake Hills, TX, home today!

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Learn How Motorized Shades Make Your Home Comfortable

a living room with a yellow chair sitting near the windows

Explore the different ways motorized window treatments impart aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency to your home

Although window treatments are essential to every home, not everyone opts for motorization. But motorized shades offer a long list of benefits that makes them a worthwhile investment. From improving energy efficiency and privacy to offering better comfort and aesthetics, you can expect motorized window treatments to enhance your home’s overall functionality and convenience. Read on to discover how adding a smart shading system can benefit your home in Tarrytown, Barton Hills, or West Lake, TX. 

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4 Ways to Use Lighting Control around the House

an exterior view of a well-lit home at night

Elevate your lifestyle with smart lighting technology 

A lighting control system puts you in charge of the illumination at home. Unlike conventional methods, you don’t have to use a clutter of wall switches and dimmers to control each individual lighting fixture. Instead, a centralized, easy-to-use interface becomes the control hub that you can use to adjust the lights in real-time or schedule them to function around your routine activities. 

Read on to discover the top 4 ways you can use smart lighting technology around your Austin, TX property. 

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5 Different Ways to Control Your Whole-Home Audio

A hand holding a Control4 Halo remote.

Choose Your Music & Raise the Volume in Every Room of the House 

Music has the power to enhance every moment of the day, whether you’re making coffee before work or hosting friends for cocktails. When music is playing, it’s hard not to feel a little happier, carefree, and more spontaneous.  

And when you own a whole-home audio system, you can enjoy music in every room of the house—and outdoors, too! Control systems like Control4 are easy to access on your phone, but that’s not the only way to manage multi-room audio.  

Here are five ways to manage whole-home audio in your West Lake Hills, TX, home. 

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Streamline Your Daily Life with a Control4 Dealer

a Control4 panel mounted on the wall of a living room

Let Control4 Automate Your Home for a Better Living Experience

Are you planning on automating your home? A Control4 dealer may be able to help!

Home automation is about simplifying operations to make your lifestyle more comfortable, luxurious, and convenient. Control4 factors in all these aspects, making it one of the most popular smart home systems. 

Control4 is intuitive and enhances your daily experience at home., and an experienced installer should be by your side to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

Read on to discover how a certified Control4 dealer can help add a layer of luxury to your Tarrytown, TX, home. 

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