3 Reasons to Invest in an Outdoor Entertainment System

An outdoor entertainment system installed on the patio of a home

Embark on an Entertaining Summer Journey by Adding Outdoor AV in Your Backyard

The perfect time to get more use of your backyard is when the weather is warm and wonderful. By integrating the best outdoor solutions, you can spike up the fun in your outside area for everyone - family, friends, and guests alike!

Instead of leaving your house every time you want to have fun - whether you’re shopping, going to the movie theaters, or spending time out on the river - you can go to your backyard and benefit from the outdoor AV system and other entertainment features. 

Read on to discover the top three reasons to invest in an outdoor entertainment system for your home in Tarrytown, Austin, Barton Hills, or West Lake, TX. 

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How a Lutron Shades Installer Creates a Picture-Perfect Space

Lutron wireless shades installed on a bathroom window next to a bathtub

Transform Your Home into a More Comfortable And Convenient Space by Installing Lutron Shades

Some homeowners tend to overlook window treatments or do not give them their due attention. But the truth is, your home’s shading system dramatically affects the overall décor. It can blend seamlessly with your space, offering you a beautiful home, or it can clash with the interior, thus downgrading the overall appearance of your home’s décor. 

But in your luxury home, you want your smart shades to offer not only enhanced interior design but also a high level of functionality, comfort, and convenience. 

While there are many manufacturers and brands out there, Lutron is one of the top solutions extensively used by luxury homeowners. Do you want to find the perfect Lutron shades for your home in Austin, Barton Hills, Tarrytown, or West Lake, TX? Read on to discover why you should work with a Lutron shades installer.

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Top Benefits of Home Automation

Expansive bedroom with a king size bed, a chair, a window bench, in-ceiling speakers, wall-mounted TV,  and view of the trees outside.

Living is Easy, Secure, and Luxurious in a Smart Home

A smart home is no longer a thing of the future. What seemed impossible 15 years ago – automated lights, motorized shades, and even homes that talk to you – is now a reality! In fact, they have become mainstream, and most homeowners today are turning their attention towards automation systems.

From complete home control to remote access, smart home technology offers convenient and luxurious solutions for homeowners. Read on to learn the top benefits of home automation in your Austin, TX, home.

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Create an Outdoor Entertainment Oasis with an AV System

A large outdoor patio with a wood roof, plush seating for 10 or more people, two TVs, and a fireplace.

Discover How an Outdoor Speaker System & Outdoor TVs Elevate Backyard Fun

No outdoor entertainment system is complete without audio and video components. Imagine hosting a party outside without music. Your guests would certainly notice that something is missing. Outdoor speakers bring life to your outdoor living space – whether you are throwing big get-togethers, family events, or spending private time on your patio or in your pool.

If you want to make the most of your time in the summer – or any other time of the year – consider adding an outdoor sound system to your patio, pool, outdoor kitchen, or entire yard. It’s the perfect way to take home entertainment to the next level.

Read on to learn the benefits of using an outdoor speaker system in your Westlake Hills, TX, home.

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Why Your Home Needs Professional Home Networking Solutions


Enjoy connected smart living with home networking solutions

Does your smart home have many devices? While having numerous features in your home makes it more convenient, you must also consider your home network’s capability to handle these devices.

For instance, you got a new tablet that automatically adds to the home network system. Similarly, you add new features like a home audio system or a smart thermostat with time. Your home’s network handles all these features.

Generally, people think of an internet connection as a service used only for surfing the web. But in smart homes, it connects the devices and automates your home. Read on to find out why your home in Austin, Barton Hills, Tarrytown, or West Lake, TX, needs professional home networking solutions.

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