3 Reasons That A Luxury Home Theater Beats Going To The Movies


Enjoy the convenience and comfort of a theater in your Tarrytown home

Imagine the breathtaking audio video quality of a commercial movie theater in the comfort of your own home. A home cinema pairs the luxury of the movies with the convenience and versatility of you being in control.

Best of all, there are several reasons that a private home theater is better than a movie theater. Read on to learn why enjoying a film in a luxury home theater beats going to the commercial theater in Tarrytown, TX.

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3 Unique Scenes For Your Control4 Home Automation System


Discover the magic of home automation systems with scenes that conform to your lifestyle

When you install a smart home system in your residence, you will be able to easily control your lights, motorized shades, audio-video components, security components, and more with just the simple press of a button. Scenes take this control further by activating a sequence of smart technology actions with one tap. Need ideas for scenes that will make your life easier? Read on to learn three unique scenes that will help you get the most out of your Control4 home automation system in Austin, TX.

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Save Energy With A Smart Home Installation


Smart lighting and climate control will reduce your energy bills in Austin, TX

Homeowners in Austin are always looking for ways to reduce their monthly electricity bills. As the weather warms up for Spring and we are spending most of our time at home, we will be using our air conditioner more than ever. One way to make your technology more efficient is to utilize smart technology to monitor your lighting usage and climate control system. A Control4 smart home makes it easy to do this from a centralized, intuitive interface. Read on to learn how a smart home installation from Bennett Technologies will help you to save energy in your Austin home.

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Now more than ever, we are focusing on the home. With our need to spend more time within the confines of our houses, smart technology that can enhance our lifestyles has become critically important. Entertainment, especially movies, are a big part of distracting us from day-to-day concerns.

In response to this need, a major studio, Warner Brothers, has begun releasing first-run films to home streaming at the same time they are in theaters. While using a media room’s flat panel display and high-end audio to watch these films is doable, it lacks the ambiance and authentic sound and vision of a theater. The cinema experience is an important component to movie viewing, a place where we focus solely on the story unfolding before us on the screen.

A home theater installation brings the best elements of a movie house and makes it better. The systems installed can match and often exceed the quality of your local Austin, TX multiplex.

What does it take to bring a home theater to your home? Read on to learn more.

Building a top-quality home theater involves tying together several complex systems into a harmonious presentation. 

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Creating the Perfect Atmosphere This Season with Lighting Controls


Perfect Lighting is a Snap with Lutron Lighting Solutions

Snow may not be in the forecast for Austin, but cooler temperatures mean more time indoors this holiday season. And you can tell Austinites love a good indoor ambiance in winter because firewood sells out the minute a cold spell is forecasted. But while a fire creates a pleasant atmosphere in our family rooms, we depend on our lighting control systems to make the kind of illumination we need to function in our homes when the sun has already gone down.

Integrating home lighting automation solutions from Lutron with a Control4 automation system can do just that. One of the reasons we bring these two smart home stalwarts together in our installations is the ability to create scenes. These scenes contain your go-to lighting settings for date night, holiday lighting and more so you can pull them up with a simple button press.

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