3 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Invest in Motorized Shades

white motorized shades rolled up during daytime

Still considering smart shades in your home? Let us convince you!

The home’s shading system is an integral component that affects your design motif. From modern to traditional, they can blend beautifully into any home - or even make a bold statement! But the most fundamental feature of motorized window treatments is that they offer seamless control - press one button or icon, and they all operate without cords or rods. 

Why choose conventional window treatments that you have to manually control? Opt for motorized shades! They give you complete control, more privacy, and added style, making them a perfect addition to your home in Austin, TX. If that’s not enough to convince you, read on to learn three more reasons why motorized shading systems are the top investment for your home.


1.   Complete & Seamless Control

You may not think about your shades much, but they certainly occupy your time. For instance, you open them in the morning, adjust them throughout the day, and lower them at night. It’s quite tedious, especially if you have a lot of windows. But when you have a motorized shading system, there is no need to perform such tasks. Instead, the automated window treatments can open and close at a predetermined time without you even having to move a finger.

If you want to lower the shades at some point, you can do so with a single button press rather than using cords as with conventional window coverings. For instance, motorized shades from makers like Lutron are compatible with a Control4 smart home system. So, when you want to adjust your window treatments, open your tablet or Control4 smartphone app, tap an icon, and every shade is at your command! 

2.   Natural Light & Energy Savings

As sunlight fills your home, it also provides energy savings. Natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting. And in the winter, your shade can rise to let the sunlight warm your home, lessening the load on your HVAC system. Some shading systems also come with solar sensors that allow them to self-adjust based on the sun’s position. So, when the sun is at its brightest on a hot summer day, the shades automatically lower to ensure your home stays cool and comfortable. 

3.   Increased Privacy & Security

Motorized window treatments allow you to enjoy your home fully and in privacy. In the evening, they can be set to lower seamlessly and uniformly. As the sun sets, you and your family can create a special haven for meals, games, movie nights, and more. In addition, you can remotely control the shades when you’re not home. It allows you to open and close the window treatments to make it seem like you’re home, deterring would-be burglars or trespassers. 

Experience true luxury with motorized shades. Bennett Technology can help you with the integration. We provide services in Austin, Spanish Oaks, Steiner Ranch, Lakeway, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call (512) 590-0633 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details about our services. 

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